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Drive allocation with OpenAFS

These instructions show you how to mount your AFS home directory locally as device. This is necessary to obtain access to your AFS home.

The filepath to your home directory is structured as following:

\\afs\tu-berlin.de\home\<1st character of tubIT username>\<tubIT username>

OpenAFS Version 1.5.66 or newer


Since version 1.5.66 of OpenAFS it is not possible to assign the driver letter using the OpenAFS client. Instead the drive is mounted using "Map network drive".

Step 1: Open the explorer and go to:

Computer -> Extras > "Map network drive" (Windows XP)

resp. Computer and right-click on any empty space in the window. Select “Map network drive” (Windows Vista and 7)


Step 2: Enter the AFS path as described above. Click "Finish" and the drive will be displayed as network drive.

OpenAFS older than 1.5.66

For clients older than version 1.5.66 the drive is allocated within the client. Doubleclick the lock icon in the system tray.

Step 1: Select the tab "Drive letters" and click "Add".

Step 2: Select a drive letter. Enter the AFS path as described above.

Step 3: After successful connection you can see you mounted devices with the corresponding AFS paths. You can access your new drive using the Windows Explorer.


Hinweise zu Firewall, Ports, Systemzeit, ReiserFS, Windows-Domäne, Vista 64 Bit und VPN. more to: FAQ AFS

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