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E-Mail filing

By using Veritas Enterprise Vault, TU-Berlin employees can actively relieve the storage space of their e-mail inbox (exchange). Thanks to this reduction of used e-mail storage space, e-mail applications such as Outlook and Thunderbird can work faster and more stable.

Veritas software stores e-mail attachments older than 60 days and larger than 1MB on a TU-internal archive server. A link with direct access to the archived attachment is stored in the corresponding e-mail. This allows an easy access to the archived attachments in the future.

This software is therefore particularly interesting for users with high e-mail quota.

The following options are available to access the veritas application:

If needed more often, archived attachments can be restored at any time.


The cost of the Veritas Enterprise Vault license is 30 € in the first year.

The license can then be renewed in a 3-year cycle for 22.50 €. Accordingly, the license costs € 7.50 per year from the second year on.

Automatic renewal of the license can be activated / deactivated.


In order to purchase the license for yourself or for other employees, you must have the administration role "Strukturverwalter". Initially, this administration role is owned by leaders of departments, headquarters, faculties and institutes.

You can also get the administration role "Strukturverwalter" from your role administrator (Rollenverwalter).

Administrators Manual (StrukturverwalterIn)

  1. Log in with your tubIT account data at https://www.tu-berlin.de.
  2. On the left side of the website, navigate to "Strukturverwaltung" > "Groupware-Dienst Exchange verwalten" > "E-Mail-Archivierung für Exchange verwalten"
  3. An overview window opens up with a list of the persons to whom you have already assigned a Veritas license.
  4. For the distribution of a new license, click "E-Mail-Archivierung für Exchange kaufen"
  5. In the new window, type in the last name of the person to whom the license should be added. Afterwards click "Personen suchen"
  6. Select the appropriate person and click "Weiter" in the lower left corner
  7. A new window will open where you can confirm the purchase of the license by clicking on "Kauf bestätigen"
  8. A new window opens, confirming the purchase. Close it with a click on "Schließen"
  9. You are now back in the overview window with a list of the persons who have already been assigned a license

You can see the purchase date, the runtime and the status of the license in the list in this overview window. In addition, you have the following functions:

  • By clicking "Ja" or "Nein" in the column "autom. Verlängerung", you can activate or deactivate the automatic renewal of the license for the corresponding person (after purchasing the license)
  • If the license is already deactivated, you can start a new purchase process by clicking on "deaktiviert". The re-activation is like a first purchase regarding the costs
  • With an already activated license, you have the possibility to transfer the Veritas license to another user by clicking on "aktiviert"

Activation of the license may take up to 24 hours. The transmission of the attachements takes place in the following days. You should give the person to whom you have assigned the license an instruction in the web interface, the OWA Exchange App, or the Outlook add-in (see Manual User)

Users Manual

Please contact your administrator (StrukturverwalterIn) to purchase a Veritas license.
After the administrator has released the license for you, up to 24 hours may pass before you can use the features.

You now have the following options to use Veritas:


With the Web interface

For the Veritas management web page, visit the following link: https://archive.tu-berlin.de/EnterpriseVault

Log in with your tubIT account data and click "New Enterprise Vault Search". You now have access to a web interface with the same folder structure as your Exchange Inbox. There you can conveniently search for specific e-mails and attachments.


With the OWA app

Within the exchange web interface: exchange.tu-berlin.de
you can activate the "Enterprise Vault Global" application by clicking: "Options" > "Apps". You will now see various Veritas features in the message window of the e-mail:

  • Anzeigen: Display the archived attachment of the e-mail
  • Suchen: Scan through all attachments of all e-mails
  • Wiederherstellen: Restore the attachment from the archive and save it back to the Inbox folder
  • Löschen: Delete the attachment permanently from the archive and in the Inbox folder.


With the Outlook AddIn

You can download the Outlook add-in here:

Outlook Veritas AddIn 64Bit .zip (ZIP, 43,4 MB)
Outlook Veritas AddIn 32Bit .zip (ZIP, 28,9 MB)

Please unpack the downloaded .zip with an appropriate extract program and then run setup.exe.

Outlook Veritas MAC AddIn (DMG, 3,9 MB)

After the AddOn is installed, you will see various Veritas features in the message window of the e-mail:

  • Anzeigen: Display the archived attachment of the e-mail
  • Suchen: Scan through all attachments of all e-mails
  • Wiederherstellen: Restore the attachment from the archive and save it back to the Inbox folder.
  • Löschen: Delete the attachment permanently from the archive and in the Inbox folder

Note: If you want to forward archived e-mail attachments, you must first retrieve the attachment from the archive using the "Wiederherstellen" function before you forward the e-mail.

Important notes

  • The Veritas license can be purchased for all employees of TU-Berlin. This also includes student employees.

  • Please remember to restore archived e-mails in time if the license expires and will not be renewed. An independent recovery is not possible after the expiry of the license.

  • The Veritas license is linked to the user account. The user can thus still use the Veritas license after an employment change.

  • By using the authorization function within the OWA, other persons can also access the archived attachments with the Veritas OWA app.

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