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Exchange for everyone - replacement of our classical mail service

We would like to inform you that in the future our mail service is going to be provided through Exchange. In a multistage process the e-mail accounts of all TUB members will be transferred to the Exchange system.

Phase I
As off 27.07.2015 new mail accounts for employees and students are being set up solely on the Exchange system.
Phase II
The second phase of the migration process starts on 20.08.2015. From then on users with a classical mail account may migrate to Exchange.
Phase III
In the third phase from october 2015 Teammailboxes can be transferred from the old to the new system. The administrators of the teams will be informed in advance.
Deactivation of the old system
We assume that the process of migration will be finished in 2017 and aim to deactivate the old system then.

Your benefits:

With regard to the introduction of SAP, we wish to create a common basis for TUB employees in order to simplify the communication and cooperation using IT tools. These options are provided through Exchange.

Students will greatly benefit from the group functionalities:

  • Apart from the plain mail service Exchange offers functions to manage appointments and contacts.
  • Exchange supports the synchronisation with all established smartphones, which allows for an easy exchange of communication data between multiple devices.
  • Should you become employed at the TUB in the course of your studies, the process of migration to an employees account is simplified since no additional convertions are necessary.

Transfer your mails now for improved teamwork in all aspects of your daily TUB routine!

How to utilize Exchange

You have become a member of the TU Berlin after the 27th of September 2015?

If you have become a member of the TU Berlin after the 27th of September 2015, you do not need to do anything since your mail account has been set up on the exchange system.

You have a mailbox on the old mail system (UNIX) only?

If you only have a mailbox on the old mail system (UNIX), retrieve your mails from mail.tu-berlin.de and have not yet activated an Exchange account, you have the following options:

Automatical Transfer: You can activate your Exchange account by logging into webmail.tu-berlin.de or the TUB-Portal and select "yes" from the popup window.

You can choose to:

  • have your e-mails copied within the next available time slot
  • have your e-mails copied, at nighttime only

Manual Transfer: You can activate Exchange and transfer your e-mails manually from the old to the new system.

  1. Log into the TUB-Portal and go to "Mein Profil" > "Konto verwalten" > "Exchange-Konto verwalten".
  2. From the available institutions, choose the one you want to use and confirm the changes by clicking "Ja, aktivieren"

At activation of Exchange a forwarding of your e-mails to Exchange will be set up. From that point on all incoming e-mails can only be accessed via Exchange and forwarding to external e-mail addresses can no longer be set up within the TU Portal!

You have a Unix- and an Exchange-Mailbox?

Please set up a forward to your Exchange-Mailbox:

  1. Log in to the TUB-Portal and navigate to  "Mein Profil" > "Konto verwalten" > "Exchange-Konto verwalten".
  2. In the next window choose which of the available Institutions you want to use for your Exchange-directory and accept the message:  "An Sie gesendete E-Mails werden nicht nach Exchange weitergeleitet. Betätigen Sie die Schaltfläche, wenn Sie die Weiterleitung nach Exchange (<tubIt-Konto>@win.tu-berlin.de ) aktivieren möchten." with "Weiterleitung aktivieren".

From this moment on all incoming e-mails will be only accessable with the Exchange-account and you can not set any forward to an external e-mail address in the TUB-Portal anymore!

To transfer needed e-mails to Exchange please use the manual transfer process.

If set up, you must remove any forward from Exchange to the old TUB-Mail-Service. Otherwise you will neither receive e-mails with the old TUB-Mail-Service nor with Exchange!

The automatical e-mail transfer

  1. The transfer of your e-mails happens automatically in the background and requires no additional action from your side.
  2. From the start of the transfer process, in order to reduce management efforts, the old mailbox can only be used for reading old e-mails while the new system can instantly be used for receiving and sending e-mails.
  3. Old e-mails will appear gradually in the new account.
  4. In order not to disturb your workflow you can choose a nightly transfer process on a working day. Depending on the amount of your data and the capacity of our infrastructure your request will be enqueued and completed in the next available night.
  5. In any case you will be informed about the beginning and the end of the process as well as the usage of your new account via e-mail (to both accounts).
  6. From the date of activation you have a limited read-only access to your old account for 45 days. Within this time span you can check whether your mails are complete. Afterwards access to your old account will no longer be possible.

The manual transfer process

Once you have activated your Exchange account, new e-mails will only be sent to the Exchange account. In order to be able to read and edit your old e-mails on the new server they need to be copied into the corresponding folder.

Set up a second e-mail account in your e-mail program and transfer your e-mails through copy & paste or "move" into the new folder.

For 45 days from the date of activation you have a limited read-only access for your old account, so that you can check whether your e-mails are complete.

Instructions and hints for the set up of your Exchange account in an e-mail program

Instructions and hints for the set up of your old account in an e-mail program

Faulty e-mails

Due to technical reasons, some e-mails may not be transferred automatically. In that case you will find a folder "Migrationsfehler" in your old mailbox that contains the non-transferred e-mails.

You have the option to save these mails locally in order to access them through a e-mail program. Further information can be found here www.tubit.tu-berlin.de/?id=162653

If errors were reported in the concluding e-mail, yet you cannot see this folder, please follow these hints:

  • login to webmail.tu-berlin.de
  • go to: "Einstellungen">"Webmail">"E-Mail-Server- und Ordner-Einstellungen"
  • untick "IMAP Ordnerabonnement benutzen?" and save changes
  • Afterwards rightclick on "Ordneraktionen" and choose "Liste neu aufbauen"

Change from Exchange to Mailbox


The usage of the Exchange service is free of charge. tubIT bears the Exchange CALs costs for employees. Students and extraordinary members of the TUB do not need CALs. If you intend to use Exchange through Outlook, there will be costs for the client. Please refer to Microsoft Server im Server/Client Modell for further explanations.


The time needed for the transfer of the e-mails depends on the size of your mailbox. Please try to reduce your data to the generalized quota of 5 GB (employees) and 1 GB (students) by deleting dispensable e-mails before you start the transfer process.

Should the Exchange quota be found insufficient during the transfer process, it will be raised by the server. Please note, that this rise will be an individual solution that lasts for a limited time only. After a certain time span we will inform you about the upcoming downsizing of your mailbox. An exceedance of the quota will then mean, that e-mails can no longer be sent or received.

Data protection

If you wish to make use of the automatical migration, your account data will be encrypted and stored in a secure environment that is protected from unauthorised access for the time of the transfer process. In that case you explicitly agree to this procedure.

Furthermore the TUB data protection officer recommends to change your password once the migration is complete.

All relevant information can be found here: http://www.tubit.tu-berlin.de/index.php?id=162212

Exchange and Unix-Teammailboxes

The access to the Unix-Teammailboxes will still be possible after transferring your mailbox from the old to the new mail system. A mixed operation will be necessary until all Unix-Teammailboxes have been transferred to Exchange.

If switching to Exchange-Teammailboxes is not urgent, in phase III we will present you with an automatical process of transferring your Teammailboxes from the old system to Exchange.

Presently only manual migration is possible:

  • Unix-Teammailbox exists
  • set up Exchange Teammailbox
  • integrate into the same e-mail client
  • select e-mails and move to the new folder by copy&paste
  • If there is a mail alias on a Teammailbox, afterwards you need to write an e-mail to tubIT containing the old and new name of the Teammailbox. This process is quite time consuming, so we would appreciate prior notice.

Filter rules

The automatical transfer only copies e-mails. Special filter rules need to be set up manually in Exchange.

Instructions on how to set up filter rules can be found here.



Students should be aware that e-mails containing sensitive personal data will also be forwarded and hence will leave the secure TU-Berlin network.

Forwarded mails will possibly pass mail servers in other countries with often poorer privacy regulations on their way to my private mailbox. In this case TU-Berlin will not be able to protect the contents of e-mails from third parties. TU-Berlin can also not prevent e-mail service providers from sharing e-mails with government institutions or private corporations. 

I understand the risks and request e-mail forwarding.


As an employee of TUB please take into consideration that employee’s e-mails often contain sensitive personal data of third parties or official secrets, the privacy officer strongly recommends to desist from forwarding mails to external e-mail service providers. 

E-mail forwarding is only possible to servers that are part of TU-Berlin infrastructure. This decision is based on the recommendation of the privacy officer of TU-Berlin.

Internal information transmission is fully encrypted, this security measure cannot be taken while communicating with external servers. Hence in this case, messages are not safe from unauthorized third party access during the transfer. Additionally, target servers could be located in countries with poor privacy regulations or server operators could share e-mails with government institutions or private corporations.



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