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Due to a security bug in the Android - operating system, it is strongly recommended to install the "Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2" certificate on the device and use it in the configuration of eduroam.

If you do not use this certificate for the configuration of eduroam on your Android devices, your password may be stolen! 

eduroam and Android (from 4.0.3)

This section explains how to configure your secure WLAN connection in order to use the eduroam network of TU Berlin. First of all, you need a valid tubIT Account.



Step 1


Download "Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2" certificate using the following link or the QR-Code.

Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2

Step 2

Insert "Telekom Root CA2" as certificate name and choose to use it for "WLAN".

Step 3

Choose "Settings" in the menu and go to "Wi-Fi", to activate Wi-Fi. Next choose "eduroam" from the list of networks and edit the config.

Step 4


Please enter the following information:

EAP-Method: PEAP

Phase 2-Authentification: MSCHAPV2

CA-certificate: Telekom Root CA2

Identity: <tubIT-username>@win.tu-berlin.de

Password: <your tubIT-password>

Then click "Connect" and wait until a connection has been established.

Attention: Space characters behind the user name are not valid.


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